Weight loss mistakes


Since when have you been trying to lose your weight? Have it been so long ago, that you don’t even remember exact date? Have you tested many different diets, exercises and trainings yet and none of them have worked?
On the other hand, maybe have you just started your dreamed body challenge and you don’t want to make any mistake?
We will show you the most common weight loss mistakes and how to avoid them.

Medical reasons

When you have been trying to lose weight for a long time and you haven`t noticed any results, first of all you should do  basic medical check-ups. Maybe you are suffering from chronic stress or you have hormonal problems.  It can be also for example: cellular inflammation and Cushing syndrome. If this is reason why you can’t lose weight, work with your doctor. You will find best way for you to be healthy and fit.

avoid weight loss mistakes

Bad information

It is possible, you are getting wrong information about weight loss and weight gain. Usually people focus on “eat less, exercise more”. It isn’t the best way for healthy weight loss. Furthermore, it is exhausting for organism. The best way is to eat reasonably, special diet food and exercise few times a week.

Changing diets

People are often impatient. If diet haven’t been working for a few days, they change it for another one. Give your diet a chance:)  Unless you feel bad, you shouldn’t discard it.

types of diets, apple

Have good plan! Don’t make weight loss mistakes

Losing weight is a complex problem. To handle with this  it is better to have a good plan: personalized, easy-to-follow and from experts. There is special offer, which guarantees you to melt away all your unwanted  and stubborn body fat in just 14 days. People on this diet burned 8-16 pounds! It is a foolproof science-based system, which consists on:

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  • Diet handbook – you get here simple diet instructions personalized for your unique body.

  • Activity handbook – it will double results of Diet book! You get practical workout routine, which you can follow at home or anywhere else.

  • Motivation handbook – gives you inspiration and energy to break through mental barriers.

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Lose weight exercises

Do you want to slim down, but you don`t know what kind of lose weight exercises is the best to achieve your goal? It seems, the post is just for you.  I will show you which exercises are cut out for it. While  you will see, they aren`t as difficult as you think!

guys doing lose weight exercises

Cardio- the best lose weight exercises

First of all, you should realize, that you are burning  fat in every single minute, even while you`re watching tv or resting.  But the more intensive activity you do, the more and  more quickly fat you burn. Due to, this means, the best lose weight exercises are cardio workouts. So focus on:

  • running,

  • quickly walking,

  • swimming,

  • skiing,

  • riding a bike,

  • roller blading,

  • aerobics,

  • skipping.

This workouts increase your metabolism. In addition, they also act positive on your whole body, especially heart and circulatory system. As you can see, they aren`t very complicated. Almost everybody is able to do them. Moreover, you can do them not only on a gym, but also at home, outdoor, even when you are on your vacation. They don`t cost you a lot of money.

fit swimming woman

Be systematic

If you exercise from time to time, without any plan and preparations, don’t expect great effects. Try to practice the most often you can. Minimally 3 times per week. Furthermore, accommodate frequency of trainings to your capabilities. After some time you can do exercise more often. Simply, observe your body. You know it the best! To avoid  contusions or overloads don`t forget about warm-up, containing stretching. You can find many safe and interesting warms-up for example here.

exercising woman

Don`t forget about diet

diet sandwich

If you don`t have a lot of kilos to lose and you work out, you don’t have to keep restrictive diet. Just be reasonable 🙂 On the other hand, if you want to reduce your weight significantly hold on to your diet every day. For the best effects practice both diet and workouts. Do it consequently. Try different exercieses, mix them. Avoid boredom. It`s usually the fastest way to drop out  your motivation for losing weight. And probably the most importnat: never give up!  Finally you will work out your dreamed body:)



Perfect diet breakfast

We still stick the subject of healthy and motivating mornings. As we said in the previous post- it is the most important time of the day for those who want to lose weight. So well started day will provide you motivation for the rest of the day! Therefore, we will show you how the perfect diet breakfast should look like.

the example of perfect diet breakfast

If you are on special diet, you have special recipes for ideal breakfast which meet the conditions of the diet. But there are general principles for ideal, healthy breakfast.

The base of Perfect diet breakfast – complex carbohydrates

First of all, they will provide you energy for your daily challenges. Complex carbs contain more nutrients than simple carbs. They are also higher in fiber and digest more slowly. You can find them in:

  • wholemeal bread,

  • whole grains,

  • fruits,

  • vegetables,

  • beans,

  • nuts,

  • grits

diet muesli with fruits

Don`t forget about protein!

The best idea is to mix complex carbs with proteins.  Breakfast on a diet should be rich in proteins which stem hunger attacks. Furthermore, they prevent snacking between meals. Products rich in proteins:

  • meat,

  • eggs,

  • milk and milk products (e.g cheese, yoghurt)

  • fishes,

  • nuts,

  • legumes.

protein breakfast with egg

What about fat?

Fat isn`t forbidden. But you should choose only good fats- unsaturated fats. They help reduce cholesterol , risk of cancer, high blood pressure. Moreover,  good fats improve work of your brain and help by losing weight! They are ingredients of:

  • nuts,

  • cold-pressed oils,

  • fishes,

  • avocados,

  • seeds.

breakfast consists on fats

In conclusion, try different combinations of presented products, observe your  body and find your ideal breakfast. This will help you to lose your weight 🙂

Morning motivation – healthy morning routines

Morning  is the most important  time of the day. It impacts on all your day. The more calmly and stress-free morning you have, the more successful your day will be. Remember than, healthy morning routines provide you motivation for all day!

  • Get up earlier

Simple, but very significant advise. Try to get up at least 15 minutes before you would have to.  This time is just for you!  You can still lay down for a while in your bed or even surf the Internet.  The worst thing in the morning is to be in hurry from waking up.

alarm clock - getting up early is one of the healthy morning routines

  • Drink a glass of water

Hydrating your body is one of the first things you should do in the morning. While you are slipping, your body is losing water. If you have problems with drinking just water, you can change it for fresh orange juice or add lemon with ginger and honey to it. This will also boost your immune system, especially in the winter.

  • Do some exercise

Try to train your body every morning. It will help you to avoid tiredness or headaches during all the day. But don`t overdo with the intensity of the exercises. Make some stretching  or loosening training. 15 minutes is enough. The morning activity can be also going for a walk with your dogJ

  • Eat breakfast

Another obvious, but also unsung morning habit. It is one of the most important healthy morning routines. The best breakfast consist on complex carbohydrates, which will provide you energy for your daily challenges. You can find them in e.g wholemeal bread, oatmeal, muesli, granola. They should be  combined with protein present in: nuts, eggs, milk products, etc.

example of healthy breakfast


  • Make a to-do list

Planning out your day is the most productive in the morning, not in the evening the previous day!  After exercises, breakfast sit down for a while and plan all your day. This is the moment to resemble all the challenges, difficulties and things you have to cope with during the day. Good preparations  and reasonable plan will bring you a lot of motivation!

  • Get the housework done the previous day

Almost nothing disturbs more than dirty dishes in the sink or clothes strewn around the room. in the morning .Try to clean up your house before you go to sleep. You will see how this advice will change your mood in the morning, for betterJ

  • Be an optimist

Remember, positive thinking is the most powerful way to be motivated every morning! Even if you oversleep 😉

Motivation in your live


What is a motivation? It is an “internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.”

It is said, that: „Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”, but you have to be motivated to acquire habits. Furthermore, it has two forms, intrinsic and extrinsic.

motivation for losing weight

“Extrinsic motivation refers to our tendency to perform activities for known external rewards, whether they be tangible or psychological in nature.

Intrinsic motivation refers to the reason why we perform certain activities for inherent satisfaction or pleasure.”

(Brown, Psychology of Motivation, 2007)

Sources of motivation

How to create them? What should we do to have strong determination? Always remember to reward yourself. Therefore, take a break after hard work, take yourself out to dinner, watch interesting movie etc. These are rewards such as medals for you. Remember that intrinsic motivation comes from inside of the performer.  And it is usually self-applied. It is very important factor in the process of designing your training or diet. People act in order to reduce needs. So you have to create strong need! To conclude, look what famous people said to motivate you:

„Stay hungry, stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs
“Your struggles develop your strengths.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
„I walk slowly, but i never walk backward” – Abraham Lincoln

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