Perfect diet breakfast

We still stick the subject of healthy and motivating mornings. As we said in the previous post- it is the most important time of the day for those who want to lose weight. So well started day will provide you motivation for the rest of the day! Therefore, we will show you how the perfect diet breakfast should look like.

the example of perfect diet breakfast

If you are on special diet, you have special recipes for ideal breakfast which meet the conditions of the diet. But there are general principles for ideal, healthy breakfast.

The base of Perfect diet breakfast – complex carbohydrates

First of all, they will provide you energy for your daily challenges. Complex carbs contain more nutrients than simple carbs. They are also higher in fiber and digest more slowly. You can find them in:

  • wholemeal bread,

  • whole grains,

  • fruits,

  • vegetables,

  • beans,

  • nuts,

  • grits

diet muesli with fruits

Don`t forget about protein!

The best idea is to mix complex carbs with proteins.  Breakfast on a diet should be rich in proteins which stem hunger attacks. Furthermore, they prevent snacking between meals. Products rich in proteins:

  • meat,

  • eggs,

  • milk and milk products (e.g cheese, yoghurt)

  • fishes,

  • nuts,

  • legumes.

protein breakfast with egg

What about fat?

Fat isn`t forbidden. But you should choose only good fats- unsaturated fats. They help reduce cholesterol , risk of cancer, high blood pressure. Moreover,  good fats improve work of your brain and help by losing weight! They are ingredients of:

  • nuts,

  • cold-pressed oils,

  • fishes,

  • avocados,

  • seeds.

breakfast consists on fats

In conclusion, try different combinations of presented products, observe your  body and find your ideal breakfast. This will help you to lose your weight 🙂

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